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All In! Starting A New Business During Quarantine

May 06 2020 – Mary James

What do you do when your current business is closed...for business - at least temporarily?  Well we start a new venture!  While we have been in the retail business for 20 years and one of our greatest joys is traveling and sourcing new products to bring back and share with our friends in our retail locations as well as online.  But.. sometimes we have an idea in our heads that we just can't seem to find anywhere.  So what do you do??  You make it yourself and start your own apparel line.  Welcome Freshology Apparel! 

The good thing about quarantine is you have plenty of time to teach yourself new skills.  Press is in, logo is made and the first designs are in production!  We will be ready for ya when we open up!  


Casie Sweeney