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      Lush Specialty Craft Flavors offer even more ways to make delicious organic wine slushies and cocktails. Why just stick with the Original Frose and Sangria (although no one would blame you) when you can also have:

      • Lush Ginger Hibiscus: A truly gourmet and delicious blend of delicate organic hibiscus petals, spicy ginger, and subtle green tea. Mix it with white wine and optionally, sake.  Then, enjoy its enchanting flavor.
      • Lush Strawberry Basil Lemonade: Summer in a glass. You’ll love this delicious mix of sweetened lemons, delicious strawberries, and savory organic basil. Perfectly balanced for a delicious craft cocktail.
      • Lush Moscow Mule: A beautiful blend of subtly sweet flavor with a kick of organic ginger & lime. Mix it with white wine and vodka for a refreshing, unique and captivating drink. You will be hooked on its authentic taste!
      • Lush Cosmopolitan: A delicious taste of the city with a beautiful pink hue. Add white wine and vodka to Lush Cosmo for a fabulous organic cranberry lime wine cocktail.
      • Lush Margarita: If life gives you wine, why not make a margarita? White wine, tequila & Lush Margarita create an authentic, delicious drink that’s neither too sour nor too sweet. Made with real limes and oranges. Serve on the rocks or frozen. 

      Yield: 55-64 ounces cocktail or ~9-10 individual 6-oz. servings. Single-serving instructions included.


      • Easy to Make: Simply mix 1 bottle of wine (750 mL, one bottle of water (750 mL), and Lush. Optionally, add another alcohol as directed on the individual labels (vodka is strongly recommended for Moscow Mule & tequila for Margarita). Serve chilled or Freeze 6-8 hours. You don't need any other ingredients. Serve and enjoy!
      • No Special Equipment Needed: You need a (drumroll, please)...freezer!  That's it. If you don't have one, your neighbor does. Offer to share.
      • Organic Ingredients: This package contains simple, organic ingredients. No red dye 42, 58, or 133. No anti-caking chemicals. No junk. Nada.
      • Allergies & Intolerances? No problem. Dairy-free. Gluten-free. Nut-free. GMO-free. 
      • Fights Hunger: How can a Sangria fight hunger? We donate a portion of each purchase's proceeds to help families struggling with hunger.

      Wine's never been this much fun!

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