Bryan Anthonys Start Somewhere Gold Necklace


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      She knows what she wants to accomplish, yet the fear of failure stops her from trying. The fear of unpredictable endings stops her from pursuing captivating beginnings. She keeps waiting for a sign, for certainty, for the right time, forgetting that her stars do not have to align in order to radiate light. She gives herself permission to try — to start something new, despite not knowing all the answers. And in this transitional moment from wishing to doing, she finds something greater than the comfort of certainty — she discovers the power of her own courage. She takes back the thoughts that made her feel small and begins to transform her doubt into bravery. She lets go of complacent and opens herself to aliveness. It’s in this space of vulnerability that she uncovers her capability to rise. It’s in this space of becoming that she learns that progress doesn’t always require a monumental leap — sometimes a small courageous step is all it takes. And perhaps the most important thing she needed all along had less to do with having it all figured out and more to do with believing that she had what it takes to find her way there. It all starts with daring to begin — everyone starts somewhere.


      Designed by Bryan Anthonys
      Base Material: Non-Precious Alloy
      Length: 18"
      Diameter: 14.3 mm
      Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free)

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