Bryan Anthonys Difficult Roads Rose Gold Necklace


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      Dainty and beautiful.  Comes boxed with message card reading


      Sometimes the road less traveled is filled with bumps and barricades, but do not let this deter you from proceeding in that direction. It may be difficult but know in your heart that it's only hard because you are no longer settling for what is easy, but rather going after what you deserve. Continue chasing the things you love, do not lose yourself in compromise, and always be fearless in the pursuit of what you desire. Trust your journey and remember that there are no shortcuts to extraordinary places. Keep moving forward, no matter how difficult — difficult roads lead to the most amazing views.

      A delicate zig zag is thoughtfully designed to showcase life's difficult roads. Wear this necklace as a reminder that difficult roads lead to the most amazing views. 

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      Made In America & Designed by Bryan Anthonys 
      Length: 18"

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